F-Stops and Pizza

What Do f-stops And Pizzas Have In Common?

Did you ever wonder why camera lens makers picked such strange numbers for camera apertures? It all goes back to some math you learned in high school. Remember the formula for calculating the area of a circle? The area of a circle is equal to Πr2(3.141592654 . . . X the radius of the circle X the radius of the circle).

But you don’t need to know high school math formulas to remember lens aperture numbers or to know what size pizza to order.

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Artistic Integrity

The New 10 Commandments Of Photography

I recently spent some time on a long car ride with some truly gifted photographer friends of mine. As usually happens whenever photographers get together, the conversation eventually turned to post-processing of images.

Being the troublemaker that I am, I started this particular conversation by asking if anyone would use post-processing to add something to a photo. A moon, perhaps, or maybe a bird. The others in the car were aghast. I thought the car windows might implode from the sudden multiple intakes of breath.

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