Today I celebrate the birthday and remember the life of my good friend Lloyd William Baker (November 6, 1944-September 6, 2015).

Lloyd William Baker

Lloyd had a long and distinguished life devoted to helping, protecting, and teaching others. I met him when we worked together at Pennzoil Company. Our friendship spanned nearly 40 years. In many ways, he was a mentor to me. Lloyd passed away this year at his home in Provo, Utah. He is missed by his family and (literally) thousands of friends.


Hardscrabble - Mormon Barn


In his memory, I have created this image, which I have entitled “Hardscrabble.” It is an image of the T.A. Moulton barn in Grand Teton National Park, one of several structures on what is commonly referred to as “Mormon Row.” The Baker family was among the many LDS families who suffered and struggled and overcame as they settled the Great American West.


This is a sepia-toned monochrome made from a color infrared photograph.

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