Where Is Gene?

I’ve been absent from this blog for a while, and several of my followers on Facebook have messaged me to ask what’s the deal. So, here’s an update on what’s been going on in my life.

About 2-1/2 years ago, my oldest son and his wife told us that they were planning eventually to quit their jobs in Houston and move to Central Texas to start a business. Since our other son and his wife had careers in Dallas, my wife and I really didn’t have a reason to stay in Houston any longer.

So, we started looking at properties in and around Austin. We finally bought a home in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Over the next 12 months, I supervised the gutting and remodeling of that home. I drove to our new Hill Country home several times each week during that year (3 hours each way, door-to-door) to oversee the work. A year later, after 39 years in Houston, we finally moved to our new Hill Country home. My wife retired as CEO of Encore Health Resources a few months later.

And what did my son and daughter-in-law do? After looking at properties for over a year, they bought a ranch near Wimberley, Texas, 34 miles from our new Hill Country home. They and our little granddaughter moved in with us temporarily while they spent the last year building a beer and wine garden that is truly the jewel of the Texas Hill Country! They opened their business 2 weeks ago to wild crowds and great reviews. You can follow them on Instagram at @theshadyllama.

The Jewel of the Texas Hill Country
The Shady Llama sunsets are the best!

We’ve spent the last year or so spoiling our beautiful little granddaughter (she has named me “Bop” for some reason), helping take care of the 5 llamas and 2 mini-donkeys at The Shady Llama, and traveling.

Odin steals a sunflower from a flower arrangement at our granddaughter’s birthday party. Then he tried for a cupcake!

I’ve also spent time photographing in Iceland, along the Danube, in Italy, and in California.

You may have already noticed some changes in my website. There are more coming soon, as well as some exciting news. Be sure and check in from time to time to see what’s happening!

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